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This publication is a valuable resource for several audiences:

  • Administrators of outdoor recreation programs at colleges, universities, military installations, cities, and counties can use this resource to network with their peers, benchmark their programs, and monitor trends.

  • Employers such as camps and outfitters may find this resource helpful when searching for trained outdoor leaders to hire.

  • Potential Employees searching for job opportunities in these settings might use this book to research potential employers and send out letters and resumes

  • Graduate Students looking for potential graduate assistantships can use this to locate colleges and universities which offer graduate assistants through their outdoor recreation programs.

  • Researchers interested in studying outdoor recreation programs will find the 4th edition invaluable in contacting potential research subjects.

  • Equipment vendors and sales reps interested in establishing business accounts with outdoor recreation programs will find the Outdoor Recreation Directory & Data/Resource Guide an essential tool. Outdoor recreation programs are constantly researching their equipment purchasing options and welcome information about additional possibilities for their programs.

  • Equipment manufacturers trying to market pro-purchasing programs will benefit by connecting with the programs included in this edition.

  • Training companies offering first aid, rescue, and activity specific training will discover organizations dedicated to high quality staff training.

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