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The Outdoor Recreation Program Directory & Data/Resource Guide (Fourth Edition) was published in 2007. Although the data is dated, it is still available to purchase.

This resource includes survey data, mailing addresses, and phone numbers for outdoor recreation programs found in college/university, military, and municipal settings.

The 4th edition (361 pages) includes over 280 outdoor recreation programs (30% more than included in the 3rd edition published in 2000). A 'Research/Commercial' edition is also available and includes an electronic file with names and mailing addresses for ease of distributing surveys and product marketing materials. The 'Vendor' edition includes the book, electronic file, and a vendors page listing.

This publication is a valuable resource for several audiences, such as:

  • Administrators needing industry data to make organizational comparisons

  • Employers such as camps and outfitters looking for outdoor leaders

  • Potential Employees searching for job opportunities

  • Graduate Students looking for potential graduate assistantships

  • Researchers interested in studying outdoor recreation programs

  • Equipment vendors and sales reps interested in establishing new accounts

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